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Here are excerpts from the lyrics of the tracks from our album Rumi's Hidden Music:

Hidden Music
(adapted from Rumi)

"If the harps and flutes should all be smashed
And all the lutes were burned to ash,
The Hidden Music would go on!"

"These songs are flecks of foam upon the surface of the sea
To find where pearls are grown you must dive down into the deep,
But in the graceful dancing of these shining floating swirls,
We see a faint reflection of the beauty of the pearl."

Words & music © 2014 Sean Shea Songs

Underground River
"Water, when it is still is like a mirror
Gather your scattered wits and you’ll see clearer
in your soul"
Words & music © 2014 Sean Shea Songs

Plant Only Love
(adapted from Rumi)
"Plant only love, plant only love
If you want love to grow, take care what you sow
My dear, do not plant anything but love!"

Words & music © 2014 Sean Shea Songs
Lyrics based on translation by Maryam Mafi and Azima Melita Kolin, in Rumi: Hidden Music

Didn't I Tell You
(adapted from Rumi)

Watch our music video of "Didn't I Tell You" (with lyrics)!

1.    Didn't I tell you, Don’t run away from me!
Didn't I tell you, In this empty fantasy,
Even if for centuries, you wander angrily
You’ll never find another true companion like me
Since I’m your source of life and your final destiny,
You’ll have to come back home to me.

2.    Didn't I tell you, Things are not as they seem!
Didn't I tell you, This world is really just a dream!
A play of shadows and light dancing on the screen
A multi-colored magic show cast by a mighty beam
But if you go inside and take a peek behind the scenes
There you will find only me.

3.    Didn't I tell you, You’re a little fish and I’m the sea!
Didn't I tell you, Repose in me cheerfully!
On dry land you’ll find only pain and agony
Stay where you are suited to find comfort and peace
In my boundless waters you can dance and feel at ease
Your happiness lies here with me.

4.    Didn't I tell you, Don’t get caught in the net!
Didn't I tell you, Later on you’ll regret!
Like a blind bird that falls for the hunter’s tasty bait
You’ll only see the danger when it’s too late
I’m your wings, your power to soar effortlessly
Come to me if you want to be free.

5.    Didn't I tell you, Watch out for that band of thieves!
Didn't I tell you, It’s their nature to deceive!
They’ll snatch away your fire and they’ll lead you astray
They’ll leave you cold and empty and make you lose your way
I’m your fire, your heartbeat, your vital energy
Your life breath is only in me. 

6.    Didn't I tell you, You’ll get covered with filth!
Didn't I tell you, You’ll forget your true self!
But underneath this ugliness you take yourself to be
There lies a shining diamond, your true identity
I’m your primal innocence, your spring of purity,
Your essence as soul is in me.

7.    Didn't I tell you, Don’t worry how things will turn out!
Didn't I tell you, Keep your faith firm and have no doubt!
I’m your wise creator, I’m with you everywhere
Everything is in my hands although you’re not aware
I’m the Master Planner, arranging your affairs
It’s all set in order by me.

8.    Didn't I tell you, Our journey is the way of Love!
Didn't I tell you, You’ll be guided from above!
If your heart is full of light it will help you to see
The path that will lead you right back home to me
Know that love’s the final goal and love’s the secret key
That will open the doorway to me.

Didn't I tell you…
Didn't I tell you…
Didn't I tell you…
Didn't I tell you…

Words & music © 2014 Sean Shea Songs


The Heart is a Radio

"There is a beacon sending soothing waves
It’s what you’ve been seekin’ – you’ll be amazed
God’s voice is speakin’ with such sweet words of love..."

Words & music © 2014 Sean Shea Songs


The Space Between the Lines

"with all your cunning and cleverness
you cannot write a line
that glows with life
like the one that comes uninvited

okay write your lines
but learn to listen
to the space between the lines"

Words & music © 2014 Sean Shea Songs

In the Presence of Your Love
"All our best-laid future plans
are built on clouds in fairy land
While all we’ve gathered in our hands
dissolves like castles made of sand.


We strain and strive as best we can
to make the world meet our demands;
Come close of day our profits stand
at best, a flash in an empty pan."

Words & music © 2014 Sean Shea Songs

(adapted from Hafiz)
Words & music © Ira Levin & Daniel Ladinsky

Show Me Your Love
(adapted from Rumi)

"No matter what happens,
If the world falls apart
Show me your purpose,
Show me your heart"

Words & music © 2014 Sean Shea Songs

Each Moment

"As every atom vibrates to that universal hum
My heart is ever dancing to the rhythm of your drum
My body is an instrument you so beautifully strum
Oh let my whole life be a song of praises to the One."

Words & music © 2014 Sean Shea Songs

One With the One
"To be one with the One,
As the drop merges into the ocean,
Let me follow the Stream of Light
back to the Sun,
To be one with the One."

Words & music © 2014 Sean Shea Songs